Value discovery

We've all missed out on a bargain simply because we didn't know about it or we didn't have access to information when making a purchase decision. That all changes now.

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Who we work with

Our clientele include some of the biggest malls and brands in the region such as Trends (part of the Reliance Group), CapitaMalls Asia - The Celebration Mall, High Street Phoenix, Viveks, Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai among others.

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Discover in real time

DiskountMonkey is a location aware app that shows promotions and deals around you. So now, you can plan your purchases on your way to work. Or home. You're the real winner when you discover the good stuff at the right prices.

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Why we happened

A long time ago, in the great kingdom of India, a young adventurer was seeking linen to cover his bed. Ok, now back to reality.

So, the adventurer drove 30 kms to a shop and bought bedroom linen and pillows and he felt awesome. On the drive back home, he passed by a shop that was about 500m from his house. They were selling the same linen and pillows at a 40% discount. The feeling wasn't awesome any more.

We've all faced a similar situation. We buy something and then see a sale for the same stuff elsewhere. Or we know about a sale only when we walk into a shop. There could be a store down the road, but there's no way for you to know what they're selling and if there's a promotion or a discount available there. It could also be that you saw an advertisement a couple of days ago, but you aren't able to access it any longer.

Fret not more. DiskountMonkey is here. On our app, you'll see stores, promotions, discounts & deals from shops and malls around you. It's as easy as two taps to find what you are looking for.

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You can also watch some videos about what we do. We've got a few videos that will give you mind blowing information about us. Ok, not mind blowing, but terrific!

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